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xxxx yamaha YZFR6
Approximately xxxx0 miles
All stock, absolutely no aftermarket upgrades.
This beautiful machine can be yours for only $4,000
The good;
Titaninium exhaust featuring the tiny "midship" muffler with "EXUP",
Exhaust Ultimate Power valve to inhibit back firing.
Redlines at 17,500 RPM
Two (2) sets of fuel injectors installed for a noticable boost of power at 8,000 RPM.
Yamaha chip controlled throttle.
Slipper clutch.
Adjustable front and rear suspension.
The bad;
Never dropped, it FELL over on both sides. The left side was my fault I parked it in the driveway
to wash it and gravity won, the right side someone pushed it over. Small scratches on underside
of turn signals, handlebar, and exhaust.
Gonna need new tires very soon.
battery died, while I was deployed, got back 15NOV11
*This is important*
Because it is the first year they redesigned it there are 2 flaws.
The first is that is does not actually redline at 17,500 RPM it reads 17,500 but it's more like
16,500 RPM
Second the 2 sets of fuel injectors. the first set does not give enough fuel until she gets
to normal operating temperature, so you have to give it a little throttle until she is warmed up
This bike is not for inexperienced riders.
She blue books for 4 grand to xxxx, asking $4,000 and will throw in a black ICON Daytona
leather riding jacket and 2 HJC helmets and a military riding vest.

15 000 - 19 999